Wednesday 6 February 2008

I brag

Today, in a local second-hand bookshop I spotted these two books by James Branch Cabell:

I picked one up, and turned to the title page:

And then, the page after that:

In a wild surmise, I opened the other book:

And sure enough:

I bought both books for the equivalent of just under 4 USD. They could sell for as much as 24 USD each through a portal such as abebooks. Still the important thing is, as the man says, all of Cabell is comet-vintage wine, and I am very lucky.


HRV said...

You are a lucky gentleman. In a related story, I happened along to the World book fair where Penguin had a dome like structure all to itself. Part of it was a Puffin stall. For the life of me, I couldn't remember the anthology's name, so I persuaded the guy there to enter variants of "and other stories" into his computer in the vain hope of getting the book. Alas, this was a story that was destined to end without a happy twist.
Now that I know its called "Shockwave and..." I shall renew my efforts!

JP said...

Keep me posted.

banzai cat said...


Er, where do you live again? ;-)

*slavers in envy*