Tuesday 21 April 2009

the face of evil, now with hoop earrings

This air-headed waste of space thinks killing cats is a laugh. A fellow called into her radio show in response to a 'Dashboard Disasters' contest. He spoke about the time he locked his sister's pet cat in a car dashboard, and how the cat died of suffocation. They laughed about it and this trollop of the airwaves awarded him a prize.

That's the spirit of radio, folks.

When I called up the channel in question, Radio Indigo, they did not deny any of this. They are willing to apologise, but that isn't enough. Meghana Dawan needs to be drummed out of her job and the fellow who won the prize has to be identified and prosecuted.

Here are some numbers at Radio Indigo you can call to help turn on the heat:

Santosh Gnanakan: Program director: 9900172919
Radio Indigo: 080 -25501126

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Santosh Gnanakan (Saggy) said...

Hey JP, thanks for posting my number on the Internet. :)

I notice you know Prem (100hands)? He's a buddy and I've jammed with him when he had his band "If".