Tuesday 29 September 2009

The Select Book Fair at the Alliance Francaise was quite fantastic. I picked up a lot of good things, genuinely interesting, hard-to-find and not particularly new books, including an obscure yet hilarious novel by RL Stevenson, typically brilliantly-written and ideologically disagreeable essays by GK Chesterton, a nice old complete Lamb, an illustrated shorter Pepys and an illustrated Pantagruel. I've always looked for old collections of ghost stories in Select and never found them. Turns out Mr. Murthy sends them all to Ruskin Bond.


Space Bar said...

And illustrated Pantagruel no less! congratulations!

JP said...

It's not too lurid.

Monixa said...

I really want to have some of those books! the pepys and the pantagruel. any chance of finding them in delhi? does select have a store here?

JP said...

No, Select is a completely Bangalore-based business. I know that you can get a lot of used books in certain parts of Darya Ganj in Delhi, but they tend to be rather newer than these.

You can send Select a wish list. Here is their address:

Select Book Shop
71 Brigade Road Cross
Brigade Road
Ph: (080) 25580770 , 30521906

Monixa said...

Thanks a lot. Will visit them when in bangalore next.