Monday 3 December 2012

Stuff I've had published this year

 Dancer of the Dying in Nightmare Cities: Urban Cthulhu:
A young man hears a strange tune one night. It haunts his dreams for a while, then he forgets it. But it isn't finished with him. 

 Apocalypso For One in Whispers Of A Dying Flame:
 The fabric of reality has come unhinged; one man attempts to seal himself away from it all.

The Ouroboros Apocrypha @ Lovecraft eZine:
The narrator grapples with identity and triggers a radical transformation. 
Two obsessed researchers attempt to breach the barriers between the co-existent dimensions. 
A chapter of transformation.
Please read my stories, if you haven't already. Lovecraft eZine and Eschatology Journal are free to read, so you stand to lose nothing. Nightmare Cities, Whispers of a Dying Flame and Phantasmagorium also feature stories by a range of talented writers, some of whose work may appeal to you more than mine. So if you have the money to spare, consider picking up one or more of them, too.

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