Monday 24 March 2014

of dust and no dreams

it is hard to hold to human form
on a night like this
dust blanketing everything, loss of stars
too warm, too thirsty
water cannot soothe a throat
raw with regret, with summer
it is hard to remain prone,
a bipedal thing with skin and
nails and teeth when everything
demands flight

the dust seeps from my eyes
i try to unsee the deserted room
the blankets tangled, cast aside
the sheets scoured by nailed fingers
scratching against the coffin
of warm, still air
on a night such as this
everything wants to dive
through endless blue anything

the blankets snake around my waist
they wrap around my shoulders
an ecosystem of sweat and misery
of thirst and the night undressed
by light, always a distant light
creeping through the window with
the dust that abrades my throat
coats my eyes
when morning arrives
it is hard to tell the difference
it is hard to wake, to walk
and all the while try not to see
the sky