Monday 19 November 2012

Hold the eulogies.

"Hitler did very cruel and ugly things. But he was an artist, I love him (for that). He had the power to carry the whole nation, the mob with him. You have to think what magic he had. He was a miracle.... The killing of Jews was wrong. But the good part about Hitler was that he was an artist. He was a daredevil. He had good qualities and bad. I may also have good qualities and bad ones."
- Balasaheb Thackeray

Wednesday 14 November 2012

To thaw and decay and

Death’s seasons are dreary
For the dying and for those who keep vigil
They make the pulse slow, erratic
Like a pinion twitching in tar
Death’s seasons are always with us
We only see them
When it’s too late
Like the wandering Gaul
Chancing on an old washerwoman
Scrubbing out his shroud
Like the woman who understands
Why the ashen ones
Are singing outside her window
Death’s seasons are welcome
A monsoon washing away
The faded remains of last year’s harvest
A summer melting away the long frost
Freeing the frozen survivals
To thaw and decay and be free.