Friday 24 January 2014



I am a writer. I can't draw, I'm not a graphic designer or a photographer.

I am more or less obsolete, or at least irrelevant as a standalone entity.

Emoticons tell me this. The Oatmeal website tells me this. Upworthy and TED tell me this.

It's about communication. We are no longer limited to mere words. We've reached a point where an individual can communicate with as large or small an audience as they want using a combination of words, pictographs, visual aids and video. Someone who just writes stuff is starting to look a little stodgy in this context.

That's okay. Purely verbal communication is limited, and we are getting used to infographics, 5-minute videos and whatnot because they're more engaging and maybe even more efficient.

But all I can really do is write. And I feel a bit like a typewriter trying pass itself off in an era of tablet computers. And I'm just 36.


I can't drink wine anymore. Apparently things known as fining agents are used in the winemaking process. These can be activated charcoal or bentonite but are more commonly made from milk, eggs, animal bones or fish bladders. And most wine bottle labels don't really list these agents. So to hell with wine.


I read in the papers that the authorities are contemplating an ABC (Animal Birth Control) program for monkeys.

And it hit me that this whole concept of an ABC, which we in the animal welfare community promote, is kinda crap. It's not really about the welfare of the animal species. It's about keeping numbers down so that they aren't a hassle for us.

It's always about human beings and their need to control and occupy everything.

Even the good reasons for neutering your pets are only to minimise animal suffering in a human-dominated context.


I had something to say about music, about how rage-filled, brutal metal music where the anger isn't actually directed at anything meaningful is kinda shit. And I've said it now.