Thursday 31 January 2008

definitions for the perplexed

Teri maa ki: Hindi curse phrase, short for 'teri maa ki chooth'. In English: 'your mother's vagina'.
Cricket: The gentleman's game.
Gentleman: In a wide sense, a man of good education and refined manners. More specifically, one who, by virtue of wealth, family or social position, is given carte blanche to act in a manner reflecting neither education nor manners, without ceasing to be deeemd a gentleman.
Cricketer: Gentleman. See above, and above, and above.

All I want to know is, the next time someone upbraids me for swearing like a herniated sailor on shore leave, can I claim to be a cricketer and receive impunity? 'Coz that would be cool, ya truckermucking wipeassing jiggerpokers!

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HRV said...

'cursing like a herniated sailor on shore leave'? Ouch! I fell off my chair laughing : )