Friday 4 January 2008

If our great national god-thumpers were any more out of touch with reality they'd forget how to breathe. On the 31st of December, Nithyananda, the latest goo-roo to flaunt his empty visions all over our national spritsphere 'observed that crime rate was very low in the country because the dharma enforcement department (swamijis and mutts) was strong here'. Oh, really? Hey, chump, let's look some notable stories of crime and bad behaviour that have emerged in the last few days, despite the 'dharma enforcement department':

Sex racket busted in Naroda

Boy beaten up in gang fight

Serial killer case unfolds

Cyanide killer

Man slits wife's throat

Drugs on the rise in Punjab

Ex-MP's son fires at brother

Mother held for girl child's death

Woman shot at by unidentified man in Delhi

16 year-old girl abducted

Man steals and sells uncle's car

Abuse at juvenile homes

Man arrested for raping 6 year-old

Bus driver stabbed

Man stabbed in drunken brawl

Armed robbery in broad daylight

Youth gone wild

PhD student molests domestic help

Travel agency cheats customers of lakhs

Mob molests women in Mumbai

Tourists molested in Kochi

And...really, I can't carry on. Because there's just so much more.

Seriously, Chutiyananda, next time you want to open your mouth, put a sock in it instead. Smug self-congratulating sanctimony and pious fallacies aren't what's going to heal our sick society.

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