Thursday 4 September 2008

Recently, an apartment complex in Whitefield was innundated by waters rising as a result of the freakish rains that have been lashing Bangalore. The residents were evacuated, with the exception of a friend of my wife's. This woman has pet animals at home - cats and a dog - and as they could not be evacuated as well, elected to stay in her flat (fortunately well above the flood waters) and make do with stored groceries until the waters receded and normal life could be resumed.

She spent a whole weekend alone, except for her pets, in her flat, with no electricity and dwindling supplies. A reporter from the Slimes of India spoke to her, but chose not to mention her predicament in the published coverage.

I can't help but wonder how different it would have been if she hadn't been a slightly dotty cat-and-dog-lady but someone whom the Slimes could embrace as one of their own, a happening citizen of the hip new India everyone loves and wants to a ticket to. What if it had been a dj?

I can see the headline...

Heroic dj wishes Bangalore could party longer

DJ NoVein, a resident of the XYZ Apartment Complex in Whitefield, is stranded in his flat, trapped by floods, with only his collection of rare house music CDs to keep him company. 'Some guys came to rescue me but they wouldn't take my CDs so I stayed here, man. This stuff is priceless!' NoVein earns an honest living playing tracks from these CDs to sweaty partylovers in the clubs and pubs of Bangalore. Leaving them at the mercy of looters would not be an option for this hardworking presser of the play button.

'I've got my stash with me so I'm okay,' he says, referring no doubt to a treasure trove of his favourite Saif-style Lays chips, 'but some JD would be nice,' he adds with a boyish grin. Always a paper with a will to support a deserving cause, the Slimes has set up a fund to help buy NoVein that bottle of Jack Daniels. A team of ardent socialites has been despatched by car to deliver this all-important life saving cargo and was last seen taking a detour towards Hoskate for herbal diversions. In the meantime, NoVein urges his fans to be calm, and says 'Man, I can't wait to get back to the party! Pity it has to end at 11.30.'