Sunday 19 April 2009

in which i begin to reveal my deep-seated neuroses

I think I used to work for this guy. (Picture stolen from here)

Actually, I think almost everyone works for, or has worked for someone like him. The corporate world is just set up like that. Exude the right mix of sycophancy, bravado, rapaciousness and turpitude and you're a shoe-in for a managerial post. People joke about how, the higher up the chain you go, the less actual capacity people exhibit, but after seeing it for myself, it isn't a joke anymore but a terrifying reality. Because those crazed morons aren't just pointy-haired punchline delivery objects in your corporate humour strip du jour, but actual people (or clever simulacra thereof) who are going to eat your babies if allowed to continue unchecked.


clash said...

ha ha... that is a cool strip and quite lucidly explain people/situations in a so called "corporate" structure!

Mahesh Raj Mohan said...

I think the conundrum has always been the "how" one keeps a system like that in check.

JP said...

Hold them hostage.