Thursday 15 July 2010

Continuity Error

My wife and I have identical mobile phones, so she's pasted a few stickers on the back of her phone to help tell them apart at a glance. This morning, as we were sipping our morning cups of chai, she picked up my phone from the table by her side, looked at it, turned it around, looked at it again.

'That's weird,' she said.

'What's weird about it?' I asked. 'It's my phone.'

'No it's not,' she said, turning the back of the phone to me. i now saw that it was indeed her phone, stickers and all. Comparing notes, we found that we'd both seen the same thing - my phone in all its stark, stickerless glory when she first picked the phone up, then after a moment, when she turned it around again, her phone with all its stickers.

Collective hallucination? A flicker in the hive mind? A glitch in the reality tapes? Who knows. It's Philip K. Dick's world, we just live in it.

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Unknown said...

HMM...that is...well a little weird.

Mr. G. here from Melbourne.

Please check your recent emails Sir as I require a reply of sorts.