Wednesday 25 May 2011


In a recent blog entry, M. John Harrison lists what one assumes are his favourite Dylan songs. Here's a YouTube playlist featuring all of them in cover versions for reasons that will forever alienate hardcore Dylan fans. Cheers.


Space Bar said...

I know. y'day I tried hard to find youtube video that actually showed dylan and every one of the damned things had been pulled by sony.

most annoying.

JP said...

I like it when other people sing Dylan! Isis is just about the only song on this list that I can't really imagine being sung by someone else, hence the string quartet version.

Lucy said...

I started wondering about myself when I realised I quite liked the sound of Peter,Paul and Mary's versions of some of Dylan's early ones. Oops.

Thanks for linking to me, I found you while perusing my traffic sources wondering why my stats have jumped. I'm afraid you don't quite explain it, but I'm glad I came here anyway!