Tuesday 29 May 2012


'... my book is so much cheaper than LSD, and nearly twice as legal' - says the author. 

Like an early Delany - The Einstein Intersection or The Jewels Of Aptor, or even like Crowley's debut novel, The Deep, this book is an enigma. There's something going on, but like Mr. Jones I don't know what it is. 

No, actually, I do. It's magic. Magic with words, magic with meanings. A Zen/Buddhist parable about a woman on a quest through a maze, the meaning of the parable is that there aren't always easily reducible meanings, quests don't always have objects and doors always have keys, even when they don't. 

Is that clear enough? Probably not. Anyway, this was just the right book for me to read right now and I'm glad I finally found it.

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Paul Deane said...

Interesting comments. Mind if I quote a sentence or two in a website on fantasy I'm working on? I will of course attribute to you and link back to this page.