Saturday 2 November 2013

2 adorable two-month old kittens for adoption in Bangalore

These little kittens were born on September 8th, and they're just the right age to be adopted. One's a stripey grey and the other's a stripey ginger, although the pictures only seem to be of the ginger. Their mother is a street cat who is being fed by a lady named Sujatha who lives in New Thippasandra. Please call her if you would like to adopt one or both: 9845421813.

A few guidelines for adopting a kitten:

  • Please take a cat carrier, plastic picnic basket or at least a cardboard box with you so that you can bring your kitten home safely and with minimum discomfort
  • Please get your kitten dewormed and vaccinated right away - ask for a vaccination or combination of vaccinations that covers panluekopenia, calci virus and herpetic infections as well as rabies
  • A month after the vaccination, take your kitten for a booster - this is the shot that actually confers immunity
  • Re-vaccinate anually after that
  • Do not give your kitten milk - cats actually cannot process cow's milk easily even though they will gladly drink it
  • If you can cook chicken and fish for your kitten at home, do so
  • Provide a lot of water in bowls throughout the day
  • If you use commercial cat food stick to Whiskas and Royal Canin products
  • Please look up potty-training a kitten and take the time to establish a toilet tray and condition your kitten to use it. be prepared for initial accidents. 
  • Please think twice before adopting - what if you leave town? Who will care for the kitten when you are on holiday? What if relatives or neighbours object? If you are not commited to keeping this cat for life, DON'T ADOPT

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