Wednesday 17 October 2007

Aah, fooey...

To India for having the world's worst maternal mortality rate, according to this report. Seriously, fuckers, what's shining except the tears in a 100,000 motherless babies' eyes? Seems a mother can't get enough medical help in mother India. Bharath Matha Ki Jai?

Hell, Yeah!!!

To the Nobel comittee for awarding the UN IPCC and Al Gore this year's Peace Prize. How much longer are the fossil-fuel-fundamentalists going to keep up with their denial game?

Extra hell yeas to the Nobel comittee for this year's Literature Prize, awarded to Doris Lessing. Let's see, she wrote The Fifth Child, one of the most chilling books I ever read in a childhood marked by excessive deviations into Poe, King and a slew of horror anthologies, she detoured into science fiction without giving two figs for the resulting disdain from mainstream critics, and she wrote an astounding dystopian novel about gender issues, The Cleft, at the age of 87, when most people are dead, senile or some combination of the two. She rocks! (I've chosen this picture, taken more than 50 years back, because of the cat. We always have a hell yeah for the furry prowlers around these parts).

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