Monday 15 October 2007

what is this what this is what of it all what I say what

I've been doing this waxing-all-webiloquent thing for a while now, and frankly, I was bored out of my skull with my old blog. So I tried migrating it to blogger beta and dressing it up with different doohickeys, but you know what, it was still mind-meltingly boring to do. Even I wasn't able to read my smug little upchuckings and stay awake anymore. All that verbiage is so TwenCen anyway. So now I'm going to keep things short and hasty, use lots of pictures and make one post a day. About a thing that makes me go 'Ah Fooey!' (because the world is a fuckall place and full of such things) and one thing that makes me go 'All Right, yeah!'. And that's that.

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