Tuesday 20 November 2007

The BJP/JD(U) alliance in Karnataka has fallen apart again, which should come as no surprise to anyone. In the wake of this predictable (but still appreciated) collapse, the BJP's Yedyurrappa, the fellow who spent last week visiting temples and doing nothing of an official nature while waiting for his mandate, is convinced that he's been hoodooed! In the wake of his government's collapse, he told journalists that he's the victim of evil arcane schemes by Gowda and son: “I am aware of the black magic that Gowda and his sons are performing... a plan has been hatched to finish me off. Many of his opponents have suffered this fate in the past and I could be the latest victim of Gowda’s black magic”.

He's writing a will and is going to inform the home department that, if he dies, the world should know that They Used Dark Forces.

This man is so far off his rocker that he's lying on the floor wearing a tin-foil hat and receiving instructions from Martians through his dental implants. Oh wait, that's right, we already knew that - he's got religion! No big surprise then, move along people, nothing to see here. Just the mad leading the stupid (or being prevented from doing so by the greedy.


K said...

Imagine if he dies. He he he. All the mad people will kill Gowda thinking he is a witch. What fun.

HRV said...

sorry, am off-topic here, but i was once again reminded to ask you what you make of Martim Amis' comments on Islam and Muslims. If I remember right, Amis is a writer you've appreciated a lot in the past.

JP said...

Venkatesh: Several of Amis' works are among the best novels written in the 90s. He was an incandescently inventive stylist (he's been off the burner for a while now) and, I thought, remarkably good at diagnosing and satirising public opinion and mass trends. O

n one level his remarks show how he's still plugged in to the zeitgeist - I am sure millions of people in the West are nodding at his remarks and recognising their own deepest instinctual feelings on the topic.

That still doesn't change the fact that he said something that was terribly bigotted, took shelter in the fact that many of his peers feel the same and made no attempt to even seem sorry about it. He should have thought very hard before relinquishing the moral high ground, because that's what he's done.

JP said...

PS: That should have been some of the best novels written in the 80s (although Time's Arrow about scrapes into the 90s, and is the last really significant novel he's written.)