Friday 16 November 2007

You know, people, I'm fine with being a primate (and Honourary Feline because I sleep so much, my cats inform me) but I sure as hell don't feel proud of being a human most of the time. Least of all today.

Not when a gang rape victim is being sentenced to 200 lashes and 6 months' imprisonment for being in the company of men she wasn't related to. (Link)

Not when women, children and an orangutan were found being kept in slavery in a 'protitute village'. (Link)

Seriously, just call it off, okay? There is no benign entity in the cosmos that made us all and has a masterplan that's worth getting behind. If you think there is, you might as well rip your own head off and use your cranium as an ashtray, because it certainly isn't doing anything useful right now.

And, yes, fooey. And fie.

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