Tuesday 5 February 2008

I fail to see what actual crime was committed here.

Apparently it's only okay to do the buttsex in prison, under the watchful eyes/with the enthusiastic participation of the police. Otherwise, they'll bust you and get you to prison, where, presumably, you become their bitch.

What bitches, these policemen.

I think we as a nation just hate consensual sex, because a hetero orgy would have been busted too, couples get roughed up for necking in parks all the time and in the meantime most rapists get away scot free or with ludicrously insufficient penalties.

Why haven't we changed our sex laws? The stupid Brit law it was based on, the same law which destroyed Oscar Wilde (a personal hero of mine, and a genius by any standards) has been rolled back, as far as I know. A little more slavish imitation of our former colonial masters would actually be welcome, in this case.

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