Tuesday 19 February 2008

VR Raman is my new hero. In a review of recent biography of inanely grinning goo-goo goo-roo Chee Chee Heavy Wanker, he says, among other things:

'The emergence of Ravi Shankar coincided with the unleashing of market forces in India in the early 90s. He came up with just the sort of mind candy that the obscenely acquisitive middle-class needed. If he was not there, they would have invented one.'

And then:

'Gautier talks about the divine powers of Ravi Shankar, almost conferring godly status on him. Some of his devotees are even said to have experienced visions of Jesus Christ during Sudarshan Kriya.

The noted intellectual and humanist Richard Dawkins attributes such visions to hallucination or illusion.

Unlike the curative powers of Sudarshan Kriya, Ravi Shankar’s stated miracles have scant scientific evidence; just as the dubious miracles of other godmen.

The point worth making is— why put your devotees through all the trauma of a disease or condition and then help them out of it. Why not prevent it in the first place?'

And, equally telling:

'Going beyond the spiritual realm, Gautier would like Ravi Shankar to alter the political system as, “every party is playing vote bank politics”.

Gautier, whose penchant for Hindutva is well known, accuses the media of bias against Hindus.
He says gurus are being maligned by being called ‘godmen’.

Gautier is no Paul Brunton, but the land of Ramana Maharishi deserves better.'

I'm pleasantly surprised that the Deccan Herald ran this review. Then again, maybe they're just jabbing at their rivals, the Slimes Of India, who are Chee Chee's personal media bumlickers. Either way, it works for me.

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