Tuesday 22 July 2008

CINEBOOKS, a British publisher, has recently entered the market here with affordable reprints of various Franco-Belgian comics, although the quality of translation sometimes leaves much to be desired. Still, I've discovered some good comics:
YAKARI: A native American boy who talks to animals and his adventures with them. Great art, closer to Uderzo's style, charming stories.
YOKO TSUNO: A Japanese electrical engineer has Tintinesque adventures. Tightly plotted, exciting, clean-line art.
BLAKE & MORTIMER: Exploits of a pair of British adventurers. Very Herge-like art. Gripping adventure stories, somewhat cramped layouts and verbose exposition notwithstanding.
THORGAL: Absolutely stunning art. A long-running series about the Viking Thorgal and his adventures, with elements of myth, fantasy and SF. Ranges from the whimsical to the epic, very original and well worth a look.
GREEN MANOR: Perhaps the best of the lot story-wise. A series of chilling little tales centred around a Victorian 'murder club' and its members.
PAPYRUS: Adventures in ancient Egypt. Suspense, mystery and a touch of magic.
THE FASCINATING MADAME TUSSAUD: A partly fictional tale of the waxwork lady's eventful early life.
They have many other titles as well, including Iznogoud, Lucky Luke and French Biggles comics. There were also French Famous Five comics at one point - I wonder if these will be reprinted? (Incidentally there were British Famous Five comics as well, some of which I am pretty sure featured art by John Ridgeway and possibly Steve Dillon.)