Friday 25 January 2013

Harum Scarum

‘I can save the dog or the leg’
Was what the vet said to us
My father got that whimsical
Look on his face
‘We’ll keep the leg’

Oh what fun we had
Harum-scarum through the alleyways of childhood
The leg leapt the highest hurdles
Shot up the sheerest inclines
I clung on for a pell-mell joyride
As the other children watched in envy

Back home he siphoned drumstick soup
Through a feeding hose
And curled up to sleep
On a foot stool

But time passes and
All things come to an end
Even my leggy friend
We buried him in the backyard
I stood by the grave and shed a silent tear
Beside me stood the ghost of a three-legged dog
But ghosts
Cannot cry

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