Wednesday 23 January 2013


Someone told me there’s a man out there
With hip hop in his heart and curls in his hair
I saw him sitting around with a vacant NRI stare
I knew it was him and I knew I had best beware

Now I’ll stop rhyming.

So I knew it was him from his saffron scarf
And his vacant NRI stare
That vacant NRI stare
Crossed with the vacant stoner stare
Crossed with the vacant hipster stare
I’m saying there was nothing casual about his vacancy

Naturally I
Repudiated the whole occasion
Even before his rhymes surged across the
Genteel postcolonial park
Like an unwanted colonic irrigation

I have no time for these globetrotting
Best forgotting
Poets with their fucking Apple laptops
(I was supposed to stop rhyming. Sorry.)

Poets should have
Blood in their sputum
Poets should elope
Often and unwisely
Poets should carry
Rotting hearts in lacquered boxes
Not Apple laptops
With backing tracks on them.

Maybe some of those people there
Weren’t total duffers
He says half-heartedly
And walks away grumpy old fartedly

1 comment:

reeferjournal said...

went to see one of jeet thayil's garage band samples with out of tune singing things or what? :p