Friday 1 February 2013

Death as an inmate is bad enough
But at least it is intimate
You can try and participate, and shape
Perform some ritual, sprinkle some dirt
Say a few words or none at all
You can clasp hands with the reaper
In that moment of closeness
And feel you are entrusting something
Not simply losing a friend

It comforted me to think that death
Was a solemn caller, almost
A part of the inner circle
O death I feel betrayed today
You are everywhere; promiscuous
You'll take anyone, but even that
Isn't what makes me feel desolate
Nor is realising that you don't care
That, impartial, impassive, apathetic
You'll slice anyone away

But that the whole world is a mass murder
A sprawling abattoir and burial pit
And yours is the sign and the seal
Your flag hangs above our cities
Your fame is omnipresent
Your dominions are expansive
We are all destined to be yours
You are bigger than my life, my death
Most of all it frightens me
To be reminded I live in your empire

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