Tuesday 19 February 2013

Princey: adult male Indian dog for adoption in Bangalore

Meet Princey. A sterlised male Indian dog, he was a community dog, looked after by the residents of the Ejipura EWS colony. In January 2013, when the BBMP's bulldozers tore down the neighbourhood he lived in, as the result of an illegal deal with a private developer, he was hit by one of the bulldozers and severely wounded. Even while their homes were being razed to the ground, some of his caretakers found the time and compassion to crudely bandage his wound and cover him with some cardboard, which is how I found him on the 25th of January:

When I took this photo, I was on the verge of despair. He looked really bad and I was desperate to get help for him. I called a helpline for stray dogs, but to no avail. I asked if anyone could organise a volunteer with a vehicle to help me take the dog to a vet, because I don't have a vehicle. Finally, I started flagging down autos. The first couple of auto drivers took one look at this dirty, bloody dog and refused to take us. I begged the third one to take us and offered him extra money. A lady from the area helped me load the dog, whom she said was called Princey, into the auto. I took him to Cessna Lifeline in Indiranagar, where he was sedated and prepared for an examination:

Once he was x--rayed, the doctor told me that the wound had cut through a bone and the marrow was exposed. The leg would have to be amputated. I agreed to the procedure and signed the consent form. I went back to EWS location, unsure if Princey would make it. A day later, the doctor told me that the operation has been successful. After a week of convalescence, Princey was ready to go home. Only, he had no more home to go back to. Instead of living in a neighbourhood where he is given food and friendship and a place to sleep in return for serving as a sentry, he would be going back to a deeply precarious existence on the pavement. I'd already heard of two of the displaced dogs of the EWS being killed by speeding vehicles, and saw one such death myself. I couldn't return Princey to such an uncertain fate. So he came home with my wife Yasmine and me, where he is currently in the lap of luxury:
Princey is an intelligent, affectionate and gentle dog. He gets along well with our cats and would probably be good with children. He is about a year old and healthy, apart from his missing leg. He's a survivor and he deserves a great home. Please contact me if you would like to adopt him. My number is (0)8105396401.

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