Tuesday 11 February 2014

Stories of mine that actually mean anything:

Aranya's Last Voyage: Don't play god.
World Without End: Religion thrives on fear and ignorance.
Run For Your Life: India's urban-centric model of development is flawed.
Empty Dreams: Ultimately, resistance is futile.
Come Tomorrow: Broken families break you. Poverty breaks you.
'there comes a midnight hour': Society is a terrible lie.

All these were written no more than 3 years back, except the last one, which I wrote last year. I've mostly just been writing inbred generic weird fiction crap though, even if there's some good writing and effective imagery in there. I think my two latest stories have some meaning too, something in them that isn't just posturing. Let's see if they get published.

I don't know if I should keep at this writing stunt if all I am doing is titillating a genre audience with vague portrayals of vague terrors. Shouldn't it mean more than that?

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