Wednesday 24 October 2007

Meet Piyush 'Bobby' Jindal.

Born-again Catholic convert.

Intelligent Design advocate.

Anti-abortion advocate.

Hate crimes law opponent.

In short, an all-round neocon wingnut.

Aah, fooey to the Indian press and the Indian people for fellating this looney tune for becoming Governor of Lousiana just because his parents happened to be from around here.

My prediction: When the first Indian-origin US serial killer is apprehended, there will be a similar upwelling of unconditional pride and support back in the MotherFucked Land.

Followup aah fooeys to the Durga Puja asshattery, which, with its attendant idol immersion stupidity, has stunk up Ulsoor lake again. Ahh, the stench of godflesh rotting...

All I've got left is a mean-spirited HELLS YEAH \m/ to the monkeys who were involved in the death of SS Bajwa, Deputy Mayor of Delhi and BJP man. A friend of mine made such a totally cringeworthy joke about this one, I have to share it with you:
I imagine Bajwa was pacing up and down his balcony saying to himself, 'We must have Ram Setu because it is Ram Setu!' At which point the monkeys jumped in, said 'If you have anything to setu Ram, say to him directly!' and pushed him off.
Moohaha. Bad taste and unfunny, but it's all I got.


K said...

Oh my. setu Ram I believe.

Well all I want to know is what a deputy mayor of Delhi does. Which of the city's horribly messed up processes have stopped, for instance, now that he is not among those present. Also, if there is a deputy mayor, what does a mayor do? Oh lord, the mind boggles at these paid-for non-jobs. Or should I say Heh Ram. Heh heh heh.

Mahesh Raj Mohan said...

Here here, brother! Glad I found you! :-)

JP said...

Hey Mahesh! Good to see you around too.