Friday 14 December 2007

Another really strange meme.

1. Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. That is your band's name.

2. Click random article again; that is your album name.

3. Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.

Band: Argonne Rebels

Named after a drum and bugle corps from Kansas, this is either a really deep and ironic post-rock/drone outfit, or a hair metal revival band who thought the name would sound good ‘coz it says they are rebels! I’m guessing it’s some weird combo of both, with the guitarists and drummer leaning toward post-rock and the vocalist, bassist and keyboard player bringing the glam.

Album Name: Salzbergen

Salzbergen is a very small German town with a population of 7,504 people. Half the band selected this title to suggest a concept of life in microcosm. The other half supposes there will be beer maidens in low-cut blouses and is totally down with that.


1. "Dakota Formation" – One of the guitarists, a geology student, recreates the sedimentary processes that resulted in this formation with a variety of complex riffs and textures, while the glam boys go along because the singer is allowed to contribute lyrics about waiting for Dakota Fanning to attain majority.

2. "Golden Plover" – Everyone thinks it’s about a bird. This much they agree on.

3. "Perpetual Burn" – An ambitious re-casting of the Jason Becker song. Guitar exploration is common ground for this band, although some members are rather non-plussed by the substitution of drones and feedback squalls for Becker’s sweep and tapping techniques.

5. "Ebenezer B. Finley " -- A tribute to this obscure politician, solder and lawyer. An attempt to advance the theme of minor lives, but with added naughty bits. The Finely estate is considering litigation.

6. "Transverse Doppler effect” – A collection of abstract phasing effects, while the singer takes the chance to intone a completely unrelated set of power ballad lyrics about how he watched this babe walking away from him – sideways.

7. "Bitz─â” – A tribute to the Romanian rapper, an attempt to further explore the concept of lives in microcosms and a chance for the bassist to try out this really cool rap-rock singing style he’s been practicing secretly.

8. "Frederick Hall" – A vast, conceptual suite about the various minor figures who have had nothing in common, except this name. The glam people think it’s proggy, which is cool once in a while.

9. "St. Marie, Montana” – A song about a very minor US town with a population of 183 people. The singer makes sleazy propositions to every one of the women making up that 183 figure, while the drummer creates a polyrhythmic signature motif for each citizen of the town.

10. "Bristol Sonics” -- A rabble-rousing rugby anthem. For some reason.

11. "Diskreet " – A medley of the death metal band’s songs, a shout-out from the Argonne Rebels, who opened for Diskreet last year, and would like to do so again. Please.

12. "Ilija Basicevic” – An exploration of the strange imagery in this obscure artist’s work. Veers between Neurosis-like misanthropy and Alice Cooper style schlock horror.

13. "Tyrone Keys” – The keyboardist wanted a solo. No one’s sure why he named it after a football player.

14. "Emilio Taruffi” – An epic suite evoking the works of this baroque painter, culminating in sustained feedback storm to capture the horror of his eventual assassination.

15. “Vinta” – A song about hanky panky on a boating expedition, sung in Tagalog.

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