Wednesday 12 December 2007

Yasmine and I attended a play yesterday. It was an Urdu/English one man show about, apparently, a displaced Kashmiri muslim who now works as an undertaker and, having lost or alienated everyone around him, is now utterly alone except for the bodies he tends and his own memories and mania. It's a fairly standard torment-of-the-alienated portrait, but the performance by Abhishek Majumdar was often breathtaking, especially his wildly morphable body language, and, apparently, transformer-like physique. He seemed like a crippled old man one moment, a gawky child the next, and then again a raving young madman, flowing from one physical manifestation to another as smoothly as if he was digitised. The costume, make-up and set were all minimal and just about sufficient. A modicum of everything, no more.

Interesting stuff, and interesting enough that I might watch more of the this here real-life not-on-telly theeeturr stuff agin'.

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