Monday 3 December 2007

They'll tell you we have freedom of speech. They're lying.

Questions to theistards: if yer Best Buddy In The Sky is all-powerful, clearly he allowed this woman to write these things. In which case, isn't it all g*d's plan, which it is not your place to question? Or if you're going to pull the old freewill gambit, again, wouldn't the fact that said BBITS is also all-knowing, isn't it conceivable that he already knew this stuff would be written at some point, and somehow has a place for it in that plan we're not supposed to second-guess?

But it's all really just about taking the spotlight off Nandigram, isn't it?


K said...

Civilisation is just the agreement to have breaks between wars?


*Shudder* Anyway.

On this post: I think we are not fair to god. Surely he cannot be responsible for either an 'inflammatory' comment in a book, or a predictible mob response to it. We give him (her?) too much of a role to play, those of us who believe and even those who do not. You think if he exists he should stop people from reacting what we (you and I both agree here) consider stupidly - stop them from killing etc. When all the while he wants you to do what you want to with the game (of life).

But of course I see your point, the stupidity of these people should then extend to the stupid belief that god 'meant' for Taslima to write what she did. What losers, even their stupidity is half baked and stupid.

JP said...

>>When all the while he wants you to do what you want to with the game (of life).

And how exactly do you know so much about him/her/it? And how is that qualitatively different from simply being dumped here by chance to do what we will?

K said...

I do not know anything for sure of course - it is what I believe in. And it is not different from being dumped here by chance - it is quite the same. For me, those who believe in god know what he (in my case, a he) would want and the belief acts as a self check, for what is right and wrong - loosely speaking.