Thursday 6 December 2007


I grapple with apostrophes and uncover a damn fine hard rock album.

Also, I mercilessly revile Beowulf, the movie.

I'm not very thrilled with Warchetype's doom metal. But I'm down with Thurston Moore's new album and I think Mammatus is a pretty rad band.


HRV said...

lets see what they make of The Golden Compass. There's talk that the book's anti-catholic, anti-religion tone has been well, toned down. And then, there're hints that the filmmakers have craftily hidden the original message somewhere within the armoured bear's locks. Looking forward to it!

JP said...

Well, the book actually deals with an angel who has flasely set itself up as god and kind of ignores god itself from what I understand. That's just orthodox gnosticism. Now if I ever wrote an anti-god ffantasy, it wouldn't be this namby-pamby Pullmanesque compromise :D